When I was young, I dreamed of being a travel writer, an international hotelier, and a film producer.

I am not quite sure what happened between then and now, but somehow instead I became a  lawyer, an investment banker and an oil and gas company executive.

Life can indeed throw some strange curveballs at you.

But, the twin passions of travel and writing have never left me, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be involved in professional activities that allow me to travel widely and extensively. My journeys
often include visits to remote and exotic places – places that in my wildest imaginings, I could never have expected I would one day travel to.

I am always excited by the act of travel. I enjoy the theatre of it all: of having the chance to see new places, experience new things, taste new foods. I love seeing how different people in different places
lead their daily lives – the contrasts, but more often the similarities, fascinate me. I like being a fly on the wall, visiting places, observing for a short time, and then leaving quietly with a series of mental
snapshots that I can file away in my mind’s photo album, to carry with me forever.

I hope this collection of my writings – of my travel adventures and anything else that pops into my mind – will grow over time, and that it will amuse and entertain you, and perhaps maybe even
provoke in you some thoughts, feelings and opportunities for reflection.

All comments and feedback gratefully received, at all times.


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    • Hi Eytan,
      I just read your post on your grandmother, & I believe it would benefit us both to be in touch. My grandmother was the only survivor of her family, neighbors & friends in Moletai, where she was born & raised. Her older brother, probably born around the same year as your bobba Lea, was attending the University in Kaunas when the Gestapo arrived in that part of Lithuania. My mother & I are currently involved in restoring the Jewish cemetery in Moletai, as well as identifying what the grave markers read, recovering others that have broken or sunken below the ground, cleaning it up, erecting a nice fence & gate, & a memorial stone. She is in Moletai as we speak. However, last time we visited, we were unable to find the site & memorial in the woods of the mass graves, where both our reek layovers are buried.

      There is more we have in common. Our only other surviving Lithuanian relatives went to Cape Town, SA, before the war. They now live in Canada. Though my grandmother married a Polish Jew & they returned to Poland after the war, where my mother was born, they defected to Melbourne, Oz 🙂 in 1956. Without going into detail, my mom ended up in Israel, where she met my dad, got married, & had me in 1972.

      We emigrated to the US, though I have travelled to Australia frequently, and lived as a journalist in Cape Town for some years.

      My own Jewish identity & feelings about the Holocaust as part of a living past that often haunts me, echoes your own.

      Please get in touch with me. I have a feeling our families’ paths may have crossed more than once, a we have some common interests. The best place to reach me is michali@BuyBarefootBooks.com

      My Best


  1. Hi Eytan, it’s funny how I ended up to your blog while I search some news about our company. But I really like how you write, the first title I read it’s “You say Oświȩcim, I say Auschwitz” – very touching indeed! I hope you don’t mind I follow your blog, since I like to write and read too. It’s also feeling so great when I know “my boss” also a writer too (read : human – lol). Keep writing!! Cheers from Jakarta, Dea.

  2. Eytan,
    My name is Daap and I live in California.
    Right now I am in Las Vegas.
    I frequent the Marina Bay Sands Baccarat rooms when I am in Singapore.
    There is something big happening there.
    Baccarat has been solved say my friends there.
    Of course I didn’t believe them but here in Las Vegas in the Baccarat rooms I am seeing that they are telling the truth.
    If Baccarat is solved then this is a very big news story in all of Asia where billions are being bet every week on a game of luck that is really a game of skill.
    No reply necessary, have fun looking into this.

  3. I like your observations Eytan.
    So have you traveled to Shropshire UK? I guess perhaps you have as you mentioned how attractive it was in one of your speeches.
    That was the reason I moved here too with my family 14 years ago. You may want to do the same one day, find some peaceful rural retreat surrounded by wildlife to just sit and write.
    In fact right now there is a magpie kacking away feeding it’s offspring just 6 feet from where I sit, there are three tiny wild rabbits nearby nibbling grass and a squirrel is scrambling around in a tree! and that…… is all I can hear.

    You may also then begin to understand what it feels like to have a gas drilling rig appear on your doorstep.

    I understand we all need energy but at what cost?
    I should hate you, but actually I don’t, you sound like a nice guy, I think we have quite a bit in common, but please leave the energy business.
    You are welcome to come and stay here we have plenty of room and experience it for yourself, a day on the shop floor as it were.
    Regards Mark Swannell.

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