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Air Travel

ROAD WARRIOR (noun): a person who travels frequently as part of their job and does much work while travelling.
[Oxford English Dictionary]

Australia & the Pacific

Farewell 2020. You won’t be missed.

Last year, when I wrote my usual “end of year” wrap-up blog, I called it “Roaring into the 20s”. In […]


Tales from Isolation: A Road Warrior’s guide to 12 types of terrifying travellers

For some of us lock-down, quarantine and home isolation continues. Although even for the rest of us who have been […]


North America

Calgary, Canada – a nice visit to a nice place.

I have only been to Canada once, about ten years ago, on what was meant to be a week-long work […]



A Day in Champagne

For today’s blog I thought I’d start with a few lines of travel poetry: At Charles de Gaulle Airport one […]


On Why We’re All Boiled Frogs

Warning: this blog is an unapologetic rant. But it is also about travel, at least sort of. — I have […]


The Future of Air Travel

As regular readers of this blog will know, I spend quite a bit of time in airports and on planes. […]