The Siberut Bonfire

As the old saying goes: “seek, and ye shall find”. At least that seems to be the case for me with Jewish encounters when I travel. Maybe it is because I am psychically open to it, but I find myself unexpectedly bumping into things of Jewish interest wherever […]


I recently had the joy of spending a few days solo with my three young children. They live in Australia with their mother, who was going to be at a festival over a long weekend holiday. So I flew down to Melbourne from Singapore to spend that time with the […]

Love Dumpling

The company I work at has a new Chief Executive Officer. This week I accompanied him and the Chairman of our Board on a two-day road-show in Beijing, China. The purpose was to introduce the new CEO to our local Chinese partners in various gas projects, as well […]

The Salon Standard

The Economist magazine recently published the 2012 Big Mac Index, a quick and often quoted yardstick of purchasing power parity between currencies, first invented by the Economist in the mid 1980s and updated several times each year. The idea behind the Big Mac Index is that McDonalds’ flagship […]