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Happy Birthday – a Year of Blogging


A year ago, I began writing this blog. I did so out of a desire to do something creative, to reconnect to long-lost dreams I had of being “a writer”, and to try to make sense out of the turmoil in my life at the time. Plus, it gave me something to do with my free time while I travelled, on endless flights and in countless airport lounges.

I am quite proud of having more or less stuck to plan this past year – to publish a story each week, loosely based around my travels.

Along the way, I have been amazed at the result: my blog has been read from more than 100 countries; I have regular readers on every continent; I have reconnected with old friends and class mates who somehow found me through the blogosphere; and I have now been asked to contribute pieces based on my blog to several publications. Am amazing testament to the globalising power of the internet.

I am very thankful to everyone who supported and encouraged me early on in this endeavour, and to everyone who has read my blog over the past year. Writing my stories has become one of the highlights of my week; that people should actually read them is a bonus. I have no plans to stop, so I hope you enjoy the next year of this blog as much as I will continue to enjoy writing it.


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