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Go Tulsi, again…..

I was just in Hawaii, and I have a couple of blog posts to follow over the next two weeks.

But as a precursor, and while on the subject of Hawaii, here’s a quickie.

Long-standing readers of this blog may recall that in October 2012, I visited Hawaii at the time of the 2012 US Congressional elections. After that visit my blog post included a bit about Tulsi Gabbard, who was then standing for election to the US House of Representatives. She was subsequently elected in a landslide, which was not much of a surprise, because as I wrote back then:

Tulsi, it would appear, is quite the prodigy. Although only 31, she is a seasoned politician. Her dad was a Senator, and ten years ago, at age 21, Tulsi became the youngest ever elected member of the Hawaiian legislature. She is also an Iraq War veteran, having served two tours there as an army medic, where she was awarded an assortment of medals for meritorious service. Today, she remains a Company Commander with the Hawaii Army National Guard. So, this means that young Tulsi knows how to wage war and shoot a gun, even though she is female and a Democrat. Oh, and did I mention that she is smart, well-spoken, claims to know where Russia is in relation to Hawaii, and incredibly media friendly, possessed of drop-dead gorgeous, model quality good-looks. Sarah Palin, eat your heart out. Tulsi is, quite simply, the perfect political package in the making.”

I finished that piece, seven years ago, with the following bold prediction: “In about twelve year’s from now, when you read about Tulsi Gabbard standing for election as Vice-President of the United States, remember where you first heard about her.

Well, it seems I was wrong, by about 4 years and 1 level. Because today, a mere eight years later, Tulsi announced her candidacy for the US Presidential Election in 2020!

So once again, I feel compelled to say it: Go Tulsi. Your fan-club will be watching and cheering.

Now if only she can find a way to credibly blend rampant racism and misogyny into her campaign, she’ll be sure to win…


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