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ROAD WARRIOR (noun): a person who travels frequently as part of their job and does much work while travelling.
[Oxford English Dictionary]

North America

Breakfast in LA

My first contribution to the Qantas online travel magazine, Travel Insider, was published today – 6 of the best spots […]


The Future of Air Travel

As regular readers of this blog will know, I spend quite a bit of time in airports and on planes. […]


My Top Ten Toilets

The other day, while travelling by train in England, I visited the bathroom. On the lid of the bowl was […]


Plane Bizarre – Seven Weird Things That Actually Happen in the Air

I was sitting in an airport lounge last week, about to board yet another long flight. To pass the time […]


Eight Tips to Make the Most of your Travel Dollars and Miles

Last year, in Australia, a bank ran a promotion offering 100 frequent flyer points for each purchase made on a […]


Twelve Types of Wildlife to Watch Out for on your Next Holiday

I spent the past few weeks on a family vacation in Hawaii. In the course of which we stayed in […]