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People & Encounters

ROAD WARRIOR (noun): a person who travels frequently as part of their job and does much work while travelling.
[Oxford English Dictionary]


Beigels, Beigels, Beigels!

Regular readers of this blog will know a few things about me. 1: I travel a lot. 2: I like […]


Middle East

Saying Goodbye with the Eurovision

This was meant to be a piece about the Eurovision final. And in a way, it still is. Although in […]


Central & South America

Karma in Mexico

I travel a bit. Along the way, I have experienced more than my fair share of dubious transportation options: rickety […]


Africa North America

Chasing Dolphins

One of my greatest ever encounters with nature happened in Cape Town, South Africa, about six years ago. There, my […]


Asia North America

A Tale of Two Fish Markets

One of the great perks of being able to travel as much as I do is getting the chance to […]


North America

Go Tulsi, again…..

I was just in Hawaii, and I have a couple of blog posts to follow over the next two weeks. […]