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ROAD WARRIOR (noun): a person who travels frequently as part of their job and does much work while travelling.
[Oxford English Dictionary]

Happy Birthday – Two Years of Blogging

This week, as it happens, is the two year birthday of this blog. When I started this adventure, I wasn’t […]


North America

Hollywood, Part I: Spinning in Tinseltown

En-route from Hawaii back to London, I spent the past week in Los Angeles. My brother and sister-in-law live there, […]


Twelve Types of Wildlife to Watch Out for on your Next Holiday

I spent the past few weeks on a family vacation in Hawaii. In the course of which we stayed in […]


Middle East

A Story of Two Cooks – the rise of modern-Israeli Cuisine

I was born in Jerusalem, and although I never really lived in Israel, I have an Israeli passport, not to […]