Month: July 2015

4th of July in the Wild West

I was recently invited to spend the 4th of July weekend in Lander, a town of 7,000 in central Wyoming. Friends live there, a seven hour drive north of Denver, literally in the middle of nowhere. A tiny unknown dot on the vast map of America’s interior. This […]

Impressions of Cuba

Cuba is a place that I feel I know. It features heavily in the news, in film and in literature. Nobel-laureate Ernest Hemingway lived there on and off for thirty years; it was once the playground of America’s rich and famous; it is the home of fine cigars, […]

On Why We’re All Boiled Frogs

Warning: this blog is an unapologetic rant. But it is also about travel, at least sort of. — I have just flown from Nassau, in The Bahamas, to Houston, in Texas, and from there on to Denver, in Colorado. If I had been alive in the 1950s and […]