Month: December 2012

Son of a Blog III – Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, my third “mini-guide” has been published by Singapore Business Review – this time, 6 “sexy ideas” for celebrating NYE in Singapore. Apparently, the first three pieces have been really well received by SBR’s readers, and there is talk that this might become a regular feature […]

The Chinese Onion

I spent four days in Beijing last week. I was there with Nathan, a friend and work colleague, to attend a series of board meetings for a local gas project, in which the company we work for is a partner. Beijing was covered in a light snow, and […]

A Moroccan Journey

I was in Melbourne three weeks ago visiting my kids, and I finally had some time to sort through a box of old papers and letters. It was like taking an afternoon stroll through the accumulated memorabilia of my past: kindergarten and primary school reports; the bus ticket […]