Month: July 2012

Who’s the Real Big Bad Wolf?

Travelling sometimes provides me with a wonderful opportunity to connect the most unlikely of dots, in the most unexpected of ways. About a month ago, during the last school holidays, Linda brought our children to visit in Singapore for two weeks. This was their first time back in […]

Two Tales of Haggis

The gas company I work for has some major projects in Scotland. As a result, over the last few years I have travelled there many times, and have developed a taste for the oddities of Scottish cuisine: black pudding (essentially a sausage where the filling consists of oats and […]

The Jewish Angle, Asia-Style

I landed back in Singapore last week, and jumped into a taxi at the airport. My driver was of the talkative variety, and maintained a constant chatter the whole ride home. He asked me the usual Singapore taxi-driver questions: “where have you flown from?”; “how long was the […]