Month: April 2012

Jellied Eel and Afternoon Prayers

I hadn’t intended for this posting to again have a Jewish theme, but I can’t control what happens on the road. Jewish-related travel experiences seem to find me; often in the most unlikely of circumstances and even if I am not looking for them. Including most recently last […]

Oh, Jerusalem

As I mentioned in my last posting, I was recently in Israel on vacation. I spent most of that time playing like a happy child in the summery sandpit that is Tel Aviv. My parents live there, and I have many friends in and around the Tel Aviv […]

A Beach Birthday in Australia

It was recently my 40th birthday, and I chose to mark the milestone by spending a week on vacation in Australia, with my three young children. We began our holiday in Sydney and then we spent a few days at a beach-house north of Sydney, on the New […]